I’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor.  I don’t want to go back to jail.  What should I do?

You should consult our office for a free, no-obligation consultation.  Give us a call at (317)536-6268.
Regarding criminal matters, does your office choose to represent those people who have been charged with a Class D Felony or for misdemeanors?
Yes, we represent people who have been charged with either misdemeanors or Class D Felonies.  
What types of criminal offenses does your law firm defend against?
There are many types of criminal offenses that my law firm defends against, including but not limited to the following: drunk driving (Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated), possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, battery, theft, criminal conversion, reckless driving, and others.
I recently got arrested for drunk driving.  The police took my drivers license. Is there any way that I can still drive?  I must have a drivers license to get back and forth from my job.
Yes, in some situations you can be eligible for a hardship drivers license.  Talk to us about that in person when you call us for an in-person, free, no-obligation legal consultation.  
I recently got arrested for possession of marijuana.  Someone told me that I would lose my drivers license if I am found guilty of this offense.  Is that true?
As insane as it sounds, yes, it’s true.  In Indiana, you can drive drunk, and in the process get in a car crash, and as long as you are responsible for causing not too high a dollar amount of damage, then you are eligible for a drivers license after only being suspended for thirty days.  Now compare that to a person who is not even driving a car—and not even in a car.  That person is arrested for smoking marijuana in Indiana.  If convicted of that offense, they will lose their drivers license for one year.  Fortunately, that person is eligible for a hardship drivers license so that they can get back and forth to work.